Thursday, 4 February 2010


Looking at things a little harder with regards to the uncertain future for us here in Britain, I want to tackle some of the things that are going to face us if we want to survive with a few basic comforts.

Or more to the point, hanging onto some of the ones we currently have.

When you consider that our entire infrastructure is dependent upon oil and other petroleum products, and then further consider the fact that just a few people control all the public utilities as well as the supply of oil, you can begin to see how easily everything could be brought to a standstill.

At any time, we could suffer power cuts, petrol shortages, heating oil or gas shortages. We could be held to ransom and effectively shut down if those in power so wished it.

So far as the big one, power cuts are concerned, the consequences are quite far reaching. For a start, your central heating boiler won’t work. Your freezer stops working and its contents are useless within hours. If you have only an electric cooker then you are in a world of hurt!

I know that sounds fairly challenging if you live in a home where you are totally dependent upon electricity but believe me, that’s nothing. It doesn’t even scratch the surface of how hard things can get.

Don’t shrug this off and think that you are isolated from hardship by your cosy ‘First World’ lifestyle because you are not. You are trapped by it!

Did I mention Water? What are you going to do if that is ever contaminated or if the power cuts affect the water treatment plants?

Suppose you are right up there with me and have taken steps to insure that you can still keep warm and you have preserved food, you have a means of cooking and you have a stock of mineral water, could you defend it?
Food for thought?

I will continue this thread on the blog and update each time with a number.

 This is Future Shock 1

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