Sunday, 28 February 2010

Is it okay to be patriotic?

Is it possible to be patriotic without being labelled ‘right wing’ or ‘racist’?

The British press have done a good job of making any talk of Anglo Saxon heritage sound decidedly ‘far right’.

It’s not only the Media who are to blame for Britishness becoming unpalatable, pro European politicians also seem hell bent on throwing away our national identity.

Devolution is also chipping away from the edges and all that our ancestors have worked hard to create is crumbling before our very eyes.

The name Great Britain has been quietly replaced with the understated ‘UK’ and as regards to ‘England’! It has almost become a dirty word.

So how did we arrive at this low point in our history?

Ever since the Norman Conquest, almost a thousand years ago, there has been a deep divide between the classes.

There have been a few variants of the Upper or Ruling Classes, from the original, Warrior Class during the age of Chivalry, to the Merchant and Industrialist Classes of later times and right up to the current rulers of today’s society, the Commercial or Financial Classes.

I don’t know if there is a generic term to describe them, all I know is that they most certainly exist.

The Class which has remained the same has always been the Lower Class. The only thing that has changed about the lower class has been the name.

We have gone from Peasant to Working Class and a few other titles in between. We even have a new title hovering over us, Benefit Class.

Someone has always born the burden of keeping the Rich and Powerful in the lap of luxury and up until the twentieth century it has largely been the British lower classes.

It doesn’t sound like much if you just read it as a short sentence within my blog does it? But if you pause for a moment to consider the humanity, the struggling, the suffering that our forbears have lived through then you can begin to understand that they have been the Backbone of Britain, they deserve our respect and our loyalty for their legacy.

I believe that we owe it to them to protect our Britishness and our Celtic, Britonic and Anglo Saxon identity.

The blame for our current state of disarray can be put squarely at the feet of the people who are running the show for their totally ruthless pursuit of money. Greed is the driving force behind everything in our society today.

You might look at Britain and say that the standard of living is better that it has ever been and on the face of it you might be right but it is only because the usual suspects have found people to enslave elsewhere in the world.
The trouble is, it can’t last forever, and we, the average Joe’s of Britain are the ones who shoulder the blame.

Outsiders who are looking to criticise a country always associate the people of a nation with the person who is leading it. I cringe at the thought of being associated with Gordon Brown. The fact that he was never elected to the office of Prime Minister cuts little ice with people who are looking at our country today.

It really is a sad comment on our society that we tolerate a leadership which has destroyed the economy, sold the gold reserves and ruined our international reputation in less than a decade.

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