Friday, 12 February 2010


Nobody can be absolutely certain about what the future holds for us here in Britain. There are so many things that are set on a course for failure.

 We could carry on debating important issues until we were blue in the face and meanwhile the ship holds its course towards the rocks.

Doom and gloom is really something that I do not wish to dwell upon, it’s far too British.

 What I want to do is seize every opportunity to succeed whilst others better suited to politics carry on with their endless debates.

I do however want to connect with other people who are prepared to make the necessary adjustments to their lives in order to succeed and enjoy the challenges that the future presents us with.

Many of the adjustments can be relatively painless and can in fact be very rewarding. 

 For example, I used to spend a lot of time mowing my lawns, backwards and forwards throughout the growing season and when I turned off my mower the village still hummed with the droning motors of all the other happy little mowers.

This year there is going to be one less droning mower because all three of my lawns have been turned into vegetable patches.

The benefits of that small adjustment to my life are manifold. Firstly, no more petrol wasted on cosmetics. Secondly, vegetable patches take far less effort to maintain that lawns once the initial hard work has been done.

 You can even cut out the digging by selling your mower and replacing it with a rotavator if you wish.

Thirdly and I get a lot of pleasure out of this one, you cut out the Supermarket on everything that you produce.

Last but not least you get to enjoy food at its absolute freshest. Even if you were to buy the finest locally grown organic veg you still couldn’t match the flavour and freshness of food grown in your own garden Food starts to lose its character the moment that it is harvested. The quicker it gets from the garden to the plate the better it is.

If you have children it is even more beneficial to you because they understand from an early age where food comes from and learn how to grow it for themselves.

So that is just one painless adjustment to your life that brings with it several benefits and has no down side.

Try another one for size. The impending hike in fuel costs is definitely going to hit you if you drive a car. If you use public transport the costs are still going to be passed onto you so cut those costs now.

Either get a bicycle or take up walking. I know it sounds obvious but it is another multiple positive.

Firstly you save money; secondly you are cutting down on your fuel usage. This is particularly important should we ever be rationed but also, it’s good for the environment.

The third thing I believe is as important as the other two put together, your fitness improves. In an uncertain future one of the key things that you can do to help insure your survival is to get fit. It strengthens your mind and body and prepares you for the unexpected.

Remember the expression “survival of the fittest”?

Both cycling and walking can be life changing things. It is shocking how many people spend much of their free time gawping at the television.

I walk and cycle every day and I almost have the countryside to myself, the sights and sounds of nature, the breathtaking sunsets and all the while thousands of people are sitting listening to Peter Andre whining about how Katie Price has broken his poor little heart.

Well they are welcome to it all. 


  1. How did it happen that tv took over and people became obsessed with reality tv shows and forgot to walk around to see what's out there on their doorstep. I walk everywhere I can and have never owned a car. I do hop on a bus now and then. I would grow my own food but we have a shared green in a city tenement, last year we grew two buckets of potatoes and some rocket.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Two buckets of potatoes and some rocket is just fine, it's great because it puts you ahead of most British families and means that you are empowering yourself.

    All you need is the will to succeed and things begin to fall into place.

    If you are short of space then that's where friends come in.

    If you do the rocket and they do the tomatoes there are two things that Tesco are not going to be able to sell to either of you.

    Keep up the good work and thanks again for your words.